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Over the years, numerous film crews have visited our 'coastal outback'.

The results are spectacular. 



This story is about one of Australia's most unique cattle musters, and no, it's not in the northern Australian Outback, but down south in Tasmania.

The Hammond family move big mobs of cattle between Robbins Island and their home base on the Tasmanian mainland 11 kilometres away. Fiona Breen and Landline film crew Peter Curtis and Dave Fraser joined in and the results are spectacular.

Click to stream the video



Cattle droving is feared to be a dying art in Tasmania, but at the start of each year the tradition is kept alive with the Robbins Island saltwater cattle muster.

It involves 25 stock workers, 750 cows, 750 calves and three saltwater channels.

This story from ABC's Jane Ryan.


ray martin

Ray Martin, one of Australia's foremost television reporters, presents Ray's Australia for 'A Current Affair'.

In this story, Ray reports on one of Australia's great agriculture stories from one of the most spectacular areas imaginable, Robbins Island, Tasmania.


Tetsuya Wakuda

Tetsuya Wakuda's Recipe for Robbins Island Tasmanian Wagyu Steak.

Tetsuya is an internationally renowned chef and an ambassador for Robbins Island Wagyu.


The beef has received national awards at tasting competitions (Paddock to Palate) and is a finalist in the delicious magazine produce awards for 2012.

It is tender, juicy and has an enduring taste that is perfectly suited to both Australian and International palates.


steve price

Radio interview with Steve Price from Sydney's 2GB.

Here, he tells John Hammond the Robbins Island Wagyu striploin he bought from Andrew's Meat and cooked was "the best steak I have had in 30 years".



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