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Each Robbins Island Wagyu generation can be identified by its season of birth. Updated bi-annually, this platform has been created to give an understanding of what has gone in to raising the cattle of in each generation. From genetics to weather conditions, feed rations to pasture improvement, this information gives chefs and home cooks further understanding about factors and variances that contribute to the finished product.

Product marked Spring and purchased in late 2015 until early 2016 was from the calving drop of Spring of 2012 - meaning the cattle are 36 months old at the time of production. Processing the cattle at around three years of age is perfect to achieve a tender product with plenty of rich marbling. Having only been grain finished for less than 200 days, this generation will still largely resemble the iconic grass fed wagyu product with thinner veins of marbling throughout the muscles and a stronger beef flavour. The carcase size will not yet achieve the higher weights we expect to see in the Autumn progeny in 2016 but the fat will certainly look more white, in line with finishing on grain.

Please see the carton labels and inserts you will find on Robbins Island Wagyu for this progeny and marble scores. 

Label Spring MB 9+

Label Spring

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