The world's cleanest air

Robbins Island is situated on the North Western tip of Tasmania. The prized cattle are grazed naturally and sustainably on lush pastures without supplements or hormones.

Throughout the year, bands of local horsemen swim the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them peacefully between grazing areas.

The cool climate, salt air, and pristine environment are ideal for naturally raising some of the most tender and best tasting beef in the world. 

Coordinates - 40.693°S 144.918°E



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Drover lets rip on the beach on Robbins IslandMoving cattle across Walkers Island channel crossingWA 和 - Cattle moving across Mosquito Sound, Robbins Island, Tasmania.Stuart Abblitt - Robbins Island, TASThe cleanest air in the world - Robbins Island, TASView towards Cape Elie. Robbins Island is an island located off the northwest coast of Tasmania separated by a highly tidal area otherwise known as Robbins Passage.