The Breed

The Robbins Island Wagyu program started in 1993 with progeny from Michifuku, one of the most famous Tajima sires.

Michifuku and his father Monjiro are renowned throughout the world for their sort after prize winning genes and high marbling characteristics.

When combined with Hammond families’ expertise in farming, the pristine environment and unique feed ration, Robbins Island Wagyu is one of the truly unique Wagyu products on the market.

In Japanese, the concept of WA 和 from WAGYU translates to balance or peace. From Robbins Island, Tasmania, a unique taste - in harmony with nature.


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Situated on the North Western tip of Tasmania, the prized cattle are grazed naturally and sustainably on lush pastures without supplements or hormones, all while breathing the cleanest air in the world.  WA 和 Keith Hammond moving wagyu cattle off Robbins Island at low tide.Riders view during Robbins Island cattle muster